UNESCO Futures Literacy Summit 2020

Kai Gondlach futurologist at UNESCO futures literacy summit 2020
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This is me (Kai Gondlach) briefly analyzing the global anticipation of academic futures studies programs. How many primary academic programs would you think exist worldwide? What do they essentially do? And why? Given the tremendous challenges on a global level following the UN Sustainable Development Goals we need more futures literacy. And we need it rather sooner than later.

Spoiler: There are too few programs for teaching futures literacy in schools and universities or other further education bodies.

This video is being streamed on December 11th, 2020 on the UNESCO Futures Literacy High-Expert Summit. I’m delighted and honored to be part of this global event with tens of thounsands attendees from all contintents, which usually should have taken place in beautiful Paris. You-know-why it hasn’t. Good for you, so there’s free public access for everybody! If you’re an early bird, check out the full program here: https://unesco.infernoar.com (it’s free!)

I recorded this video with OBS Studio in November 2020. A lot of research for the presentation has been done be fellow futurists or futurologists, although the latest figures were updated and put together by me. My academic background derives from the fact that I graduated the Master of Arts program of Future Science at the Free University of Berlin (in 2013). Since then, I’ve made my way through popular trend research and academic futures science.

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