Keynote Speaker

I teach science pragmatically.

I entertain people long-lastingly.

I inspire others for change and open futures.

What makes me and my keynotes special

Clients from business, society and politics book me for the small circle of 10 board members up to full halls with 3000 participants. In 30 to 120 minutes I take my audience on a journey into the world in the future(s). I always work out the topics individually for each performance based on my research activities.

Master programme Futures Science

My greatest strength is that I was one of the first futurologists in Germany to recognize the connections between social transformation,

that remain hidden to others – my audience receives hundreds of brand-new findings from research and development and is guaranteed to leave the event with new ideas and solutions.

For me, articles, interviews or webinars before or after the events belong to a well-rounded event; in my opinion, the performance on stage is only one component of many if you want to infect your customers, employees or members holistically with future.

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Don't be afraid of the future - it's a good thing

Watch my keynote at TEDx in 2017 about the future and why so many people are afraid of uncertain futures. One restriction is made up by our biology – we’re basically smart apes. The other thing happens in our minds and is object to our free will. So it’s up to you and if you want to accept destiny – or want to play an active part in designing the future.

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Zukunft ist gestaltbar

The future can be shaped by all of us

We just have to dare! Historical examples, scientifically verifiable correlations of the present and consistent projections into the future form the basis of my appearances; in addition, there are controversial theses about the possible effects of current trends. All this resonates in my keynotes.

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