I am a dedicated humanist

I am committed in different ways to the topics that are close to my heart. As a convinced humanist, I support organizations and people who act in accordance with democratic, solidary values and the universals of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. This includes above all education, climate, freedom and democracy.

Organizations for which I am actively involved


Kapitel 21: Zukunftsforschung

of the Ernst-Reuter-Gesellschaft e. V. is the alumni association of the Master’s program in Futures Studies at the Free University of Berlin, which I co-founded. Currently, I am deputy chairman of the board and contact person for graduates, students and external interested parties.


aim – Akademie für Innovative Bildung und Management

The educational academy of the Dieter-Schwarz-Foundation is aimed at pupils, teachers, students and immigrants and complements the state educational offer. Here I offer introductory courses on futurology – but it is nowhere on the curriculum.


Technical University of Berlin

In the English-language business plan seminar “Venture Campus” at the Chair of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management, I regularly act as a coach for the students when it comes to appearance competence.


Singularity University

The Singularity University Munich Chapter is a global learning and innovation community that provides executive education programs, an incubator and an innovation advisory service. Many forward thinkers and lateral thinkers around the world are networked here – I am one of them.


World Futures Studies Federation

As a full member, I am an active part of the scientific discourse in the UNESCO advisory body for international futurology. Some of my content and thoughts come from this epicenter of futurology.


Netzwerk Zukunftsforschung

In the German-speaking Association of Scientific Future Researchers we exchange information about methods and contents. The goal of this exclusive organization with about 90 members is to establish futurology more strongly as a discipline and to position it in research, teaching and the public.

Without strong partners I would not be where I am today and could not be where I will be in the future.

Netzwerk Zukunftsforschung e. V.

Network of academic futurologists in Germany

World Futures Studies Federation

independent global peak body for futures studies scholarship & UNESCO Partner

Ernst-Reuter-Gesellschaft e. V.

Central Support Association of Freie Universität Berlin

Kapitel 21: Zukunftsforschung

Alumni Association of Master Program Futures Studies