Mission & Science

Future is a question of perspective

My services help to identify realistic and successful perspectives in the confusing jungle of news and trends.

As a digital native, I see myself as a link between Generation Y and the current power elite in business and politics. As a generalist, I am able to think my way quickly into any topic, any industry, any individual context. As a probabilist, I weigh shrill trends against the realistic status quo.

I pursue three goals with my appointment:

What is Futures Research?

Future research is the value-free analysis of possible and probable futures using scientific methods and the derivation of design options.

Why Futures Research?

Individual organizations or disciplines are always caught within their own boundaries; futurology combines cross-system and interdisciplinary findings.

Methods of Futures Research

We cannot predict the future, but we can recognize cause-and-effect relationships and anticipate likely projections of the past. The toolbox of futurology helps to do this.